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Events in Lahore

Pakistan's second biggest city, and considered to be Pakistan's most lively and spirited city, because of extreme verity of daily happening events in Lahore. It wins hands down as its cultural, intellectual and artistic hub. Pakistan's most developed city with modern infrastructure. Along with modern attractions, Lahore has a rich history and if history and architecture is one’s passion there’s a suggestive mix, from challenging Mughal monuments to faded legacies of the British Raj. Indeed, and only walking around the Old City can turn into a mini-adventure.

The best and easiest ways for exploring the magnificent beauty and diversity of Lahore, is by exploring the upcoming events in Lahore. This city being such varied, do offer people of every category to get involved around it. Over the years Lahore has advanced celebrating its history, beauty and no wonders such energetic lahoris. Lahore events do revolve around the nature and physic of its residents. Just like lahori people the entertainment industry do revolves around a variety of life, includes fun, music, culture, food and festivals.

The upcoming events in Lahore 2017, would be a great opportunity of exploring the miracles of this mysterious city. Being blessed with such eye opening architectural wonders, events in Lahore 2017 will be accumulating history of this city which include Wazir Khan, Dehli Gate, Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, food street, colorful Rickshaw tour and dinner at the rooftop of a three century old building (Restuarat Coccu's Den) and many more.

This city has so much to offer any individual of any walk of life. Exhibitions in Lahore do offer wide range of options in every walk of life. My Lahore exhibition 2017 do includes, preserve and promote the culture and heritage of Pakistan. Being lahoreis, sopping sure is one of the most essential part of life. In addition, the shopping malls(Al Fatah, Hyperstar, Pace), Liberty market, MM Alam road play a central role in the social and economic activities of Lahoris. Upcoming exhibitions in Lahore will going to highlight the fashion industry at its flourish.

There is a famous saying in lahoris local language Punjabi 'Jinay Lahore Nai Vekhya O 'Jammya' Nai (You have not been born till you have seen Lahore). This phrase simply conclude and explain the lives and daily experiences of the dynamic and energetic people of Lahore. Lahoris are known for the weakness for food and one can find both luxurious and roadside restaurants crowded at even 2 am. This, along with the noise and ongoing traffic, never makes Lahore a deserted place.

To promote the cultural heritage of Lahore, upcoming events in Lahore are going to play a very well required part. Being a city of festivals and festivity, all events Lahore wisely promotes its city heritage and rich culture. Basant (or Jashn-e-Baharaan) held in February each year Kite festival, Mela Shalamar (Festival of Lights) in the memory of the Punjabi Sufi poet and saint Shah Hussain. Lahore’s culture is exceptional. This city is known as the cultural capital and also the Heart of Pakistan, it is no wonder that lahoreis will capitalize on any reason to celebrate. This is a city with an unbeatable passion for living and it shows in the various festivals and events throughout the year. Lahore events majorly includes The World Performing Arts Festival is held every autumn normally in the month of November at the Alhamra Arts Council, a large spot consisting of several theatres and amphitheaters. This festival celebration of 10 days majorly consists of musicals, theatre, concerts, dances, mime and puppet shows. Keeping up with the tracks of upcoming events one can simply login to the online booking site with all the required information regarding, upcoming events and booking events online by comfort of sitting at home and keeping track of Lahore’s entertainment life.

Lahore is the party capital of Pakistan! Upcoming concerts in Lahore do completely focus on the wide range of music starting from classical music evening to top singers and musical band’s concerts. Lahore musical entertainment industry do have an impressive history of entreating all age groups of lahoreis.No wonder why Lahore is called a city of party as there is always an entreating life being lahori. Simply by looking up to today events in Lahore one can have a clear idea of Lahore’s thrilling night life and happing events all around the corner. Although the scorching heat bugs a lot, Lahore is a must visit city :)

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