April 22, 2018 | Karachi

Sail Away - tripcat

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April 29, 2018 | Karachi

Sail Away - tripcat

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April 29, 2018 | Islamabad

Explore Shimshal

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May 06, 2018 | Karachi

Karachi Pet Show

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June 22, 2018 | Islamabad

Spantik Peak Expedition

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June 26, 2018 | Islamabad


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June 30, 2018 | Gilgit Baltistan

Shandoor Polo Festival 2018

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Events in Pakistan

Events and Concerts in Karachi and all other cities in Pakistan are on a boom with the positive response they have been given by the general public, media, artists, singers and performers. The situation of entertainment industry has improved over the past few years due to participation of all aspects involved in making this happen. Whether it is singers or performers, media or event management organizations, artists or general public, everyone has played their role in reviving all events in Pakistan. A few years back the downfall of entertainment industry due to security situation had led to discouraged artists and public for organizing any sort of event but with all Pakistan events happening back to back the perceptions have changed along with the situation. Major role nowadays is also of the emerging technology and e commerce ideas of making access to events easy and reliable. Not only can one access buying tickets online but also stay updated with the event calendar on which is a one stop shop for entertainment in Pakistan.

This one portal has made it easy for a customer to buy tickets online, pay online or with cash on delivery and get the tickets home delivered. This novel platform has paved a connection between the event planners in Pakistan and customers for organized sales, marketing of events and easy way of buying tickets, reliable payment methods with commitment of home delivery for providing smooth quality service. With just a few clicks on mobile app customers choose the event they want to attend and order tickets online, which not only boosts sales of event tickets or concerts tickets by making access convenient but saves time as well. also offers the feature of posting your event for event organizers in Pakistan to boost sales, market their event and monitor sales as well. With this service surely a good turnout of events in Pakistan is expected not only in terms of audience participation but also in the frequency of events happening in Pakistan. To stay updated with upcoming events in Pakistan one can use this one stop entertainment solution and get connected instantly for planning activities on weekends, holidays travel trips within Pakistan, reviews about events, news about celebrities and booking tickets.

With the outdoor events in Pakistan on the rise it seems venues have fallen short to accommodate the participation of general public whether it is concerts in Pakistan, festivals or birthday party venues in Pakistan. Media has promoted the rise of entertainment industry equally by supporting the events with the means of coverage, promotions on their platforms and active participation. General public seems to have shown all the support by responding to these entertainment activities in Pakistan. Participation from public has led to confidence of artists, singer, performers and event organizers for continuing the efforts for quality events and entertainment avenues in Pakistan. This revival of entertainment industry has paved the way not only for Pakistan events but also for participation of international platforms, singers, performers, speakers and organizations for planning events in Pakistan with collaboration of local event management organizations. Local artists and organizers are not only playing a role in keeping this revival on a boost but conveying the message of Pakistan being a safe and friendly country with amazing people who, just like all others around the world, enjoy music, acting, concerts, motivational talks, sports events and celebrations. Events in Pakistan are a clear invitation for global community to connect with this part of the world, to come and experience who we are and what we believe in. Not only entertainment avenues been revived but it has given way to new talent which we have seen emerging from every corner of Pakistan.

Nowadays whether weekends or weekdays the event calendar is full of events in Pakistan 2017, concerts, theatre plays, conferences, festivals, photo walks, travel trips, carnivals, sports events, fashion shows and expos all year round. The upcoming events in Pakistan 2017 can be found listed on with details of tickets, venues and dates. People have a busy life routine now which leaves minimal time and energy for them to find extra resources for finding entertainment plans for latest events in Pakistan. mobile app is a major relief and source with which they can choose upcoming event in Pakistan, their city, category or type of event they want to attend, buy tickets online for getting them delivered wherever they want. Planning an evening out cannot get any easier than this!

Upcoming concerts in Pakistan are the most popular attraction among the people especially the youth who want a break from their study routine. With boost in concerts in Pakistan and the positive response they have received from all age groups, the artists have gathered the energy and confidence to take their talent to new heights. Music industry has seen new dimensions which have been very experimental but successful. Not only musical events in Pakistan but theatrical performances have also bounced up although both are totally different categories of entertainment. Today events in Pakistan have seen advancement in terms of listing the variety including upcoming exhibitions in Pakistan also commonly called Expos which are based on countless themes such as Education Fair Pakistan 2017, My Pakistan Exhibition 2017, Sports Expo 2017, Wedding Expo and so on. These are a major attraction for all age groups from all walks of life, media, government institutions, international community, consumers and suppliers. The details of all such and other events in Pakistan can be found on which is bridging the gap by giving all the details of participation in all events and Expos whether in terms of registering to buy a stall, event agenda, tickets online or just as a visitor. Events in Pakistan have given a positive platform to new talent for grooming their skills whether in terms of organizing and managing events, performing, hope for growth in their fields and testing new ideas and connecting entertainment industry with new ideas of modern world as has practically shown. All events Pakistan has just another name as the simple and convenient method to stay updated all about entertainment and an easy way to buy tickets. Not only this but to avail various offers and discounts for events in Pakistan, get rewards and points for buying tickets online and promotions is the best platform.

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