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126 F, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan

126 F, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan

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Want to be a Trainer, Public Speaker, Teacher or just plain Awesome? Then join Tanzila Khan's 'Train the Trainer'

Tanzila Khan started her corporate journey as an activist with a strong voice that led her to deliver talks in Pakistan and around the world. May you be a corporate employee or an aspiring entrepreneur. Trainer Skills will always come in handy! May it be a presentation, 30 seconds pitch, training or just venting out at the chowk!

Dates: 15th, 16th, 17th September 2017

Timings: 11 am to 6 pm
Venue: 126 F, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan

Knowledge Menu:
Essentials of Public Speaking
Confidence Building
Audience analysis
Content development
Content delivery
Story sharing and Pitch presentations
Tanzila's Totkay
Paid assignments (You can recover your investment by working with us)
and much much more...

For: Open to all (Discounted Accommodation can be arranged for participants coming from outside Lahore)

Limited Seats
First come, first serve

Tanzila Khan



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126 F, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan

126 F, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan

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